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Communication Assistant| Core Business Franchise

Delft, Etelä-Hollanti - Tutki sijaintia Hallinto & tukipalvelut Kokoaikainen

Työpaikan kuvaus

This role gives you a unique opportunity to dive into the field of communication in an international environment, establish a network across IKEA companies, and develop the skills you need to take your next big step in communication. It is the perfect place to boost your own development or take a step into the direction of communication. 


Working together and learning on the job are going to be a big part of your daily work. That means success will start with a hungry and open mind, and building strong relationships with the communication manager, the communication management team, and stakeholders in other areas and organisations. 

In this dynamic role, you will put your creative and organisational skills to the test by supporting the Communication Manager with daily operational needs. This could be through maintaining a functional and balanced agenda, helping her prepare for meetings and events where she is participating, and liaising with people across the business who would like to collaborate with her or our communication team. 

You will also be an extra brain and set of hands for the management team in establishing strong ways of working and keeping things flowing. What does that mean? It could be setting up a clear structure in Teams, co-ordinating onboarding activities for new joiners, organising area days, or helping structure/upload information on IKEA Home.

Next to this support, you will take on projects or topics in Communication. This may be linked to (larger or recurring) meetings or events, or topics that go across the different teams in Communication. You will be the first person in this role, so there is a lot of room to make it your own!

About you

  • You are very adept in building trusting relationships and long-term partnerships with stakeholders at all levels.
  • You know how to establish structures needed to help individual people, and teams, stay organised.
  • You have project leading affinity and are confident in a co-ordination role.
  • You have a strong understanding of communication and how it delivers business results.
  • You enjoy sharing your knowledge and feel motivated when supporting colleagues.
  • You are a true role model when it comes to leading with the IKEA values.
  • You are resilient and stay calm under pressure.
  • You are a multi-faceted doer with the ability to troubleshoot and find ways to get things done.
  • You enjoy being part of something new, and you like helping to build a foundation and put basics in place.
  • Your English (written and spoken) is excellent.

Interested? Send us your CV in English and answers to the following questions. If possible, please include a short film introducing yourself. Keep it simple! Just make it on your phone and add a link to it in your application.

  • What would being the Communication Assistant offer you in your development journey?
  • What is the last mistake you made? What did you do when you realised you made it? What do you feel you learned from it?

More Information

This role is full-time (40 hours per week) and based in Delft, The Netherlands. This role sits in the Communication leadership area at Core Business Franchise adn reports to the Communication Manager.

About Core Business Franchise Communication

No matter which IKEA company you work for, you know we like to do things a little differently. We like to break things (like rules) and make things (like planet-friendly plantballs). We dare to try, we dare to fail, and we dare to try again. Above all else, we are driven by our shared vision – to create a better everyday life for the many people.            

At Core Business Franchise, we do a lot of different things to make this vision come to life. It’s our job to protect, develop and enable the success of the IKEA brand, together with our colleagues in other IKEA companies around the world. That can make our work – and our workplace – a bit complex at times. And that’s why strong, clear communication is key to our success.

Our three teams (co-worker, franchisee and external communication) have their hands busy in the present, while keeping a sharp eye on the future. We are building better ways to share information, create inspiration, and enable action – between our own co-workers, and out amongst our franchisees. It’s a big job that we have fun doing, together.