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Software Engineer, E-Commerce Search Engine and Search Experience on, Group Digital

Malmö, Skoone - Tutki sijaintia IT & digitaaliset ratkaisut Kokoaikainen

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Develop our in-house search engine used by over 100M customers per month.
Design and build the search experience on

The search team is currently looking for these positions:

Software engineer, e-commerce search engine
You should have experience from creating performant algorithms and data structures from scratch, as well as adapting existing ones. You should also be comfortable in a statically typed language. It’s great if you have previous experience in A/B testing and/or analyzing large data sets. Experience of developing and running on GCP is also a plus.

Front-end developer, search experience on
You should know front-end web-development in terms of coding, testing, tooling, deployment and operations. You should also have an interest in performance and keep up with the latest advancements in front-end technologies.

The Search team develops and operates the search engine handling customers’ queries on, the IKEA app, and in several other channels. The team also designs, develops and operates the front-end related to search on Search is a major feature of the e-commerce experience and our services handle millions of requests every day, impacting IKEA’s many customers around the world.

The team consists of around 20 people with different skill sets. We are quite autonomous, self-organizing and self-sufficient in many ways, which means part of our daily work is to define how we get things done together. We are based in Malmö but a mix of local and remote work is not a problem.

We are passionate about our engineering culture, where fast feedback is enabled by automation, A/B testing and data analysis. Anyone on our team can come with ideas on things to work on. Such ideas often lead to a few people teaming up to create a first implementation and releasing it as an A/B test to learn if the idea is good or not. After analyzing the test results further decisions are made.

We value development speed and fast feedback a lot, and build the tools we need if none of the available ones meet our needs. We are responsible for the things we build throughout the whole life-cycle, which means operations is an important part of our work.


The role is based in Malmö, Sweden.

For more information about the role, reach out to hiring manager Christofer Pak at

If you have any questions about the recruitment process, please reach out to Igor Micanovic at or Martina Wickström at

We will be interviewing continuously and are looking forward to hearing from you!


Our primary concern since the outbreak of corona virus has been the health and safety of our co-workers and candidates. Because of this, we have adapted our recruiting processes to be fully digital.

We would love to meet our candidates face to face, but to prevent the spread of the virus this recruitment will be handled through digital appointments and solutions.