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Project Assistant

Shanghai, Shanghai Shi - Tutki sijaintia Projektinhallinta Kokoaikainen

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“Project Assistant” is responsible for supporting the Project Development Manager with tasks related to project information, project documentation and meetings over the course of the project, as well as supporting the day-to-day activities relating to the project management.

• Support project management in creating an effective and efficient team; be available and visible for the team to enable a positive team spirit and togetherness
• Support project management in the day-to-day administrative tasks of the project
• Lead smaller assignments within the project to support project management
• Enable effective communication and decision making through meeting support (e.g. project meeting schedule, securing meeting minutes and distribution, follow up on decisions taken, etc.)
• Ensure accuracy and consistency for the project team and stakeholders over the project lifecycle by coordinating and securing project information
• Support and generate ideas to help manage project risks and add value for the project
• Support the preparation and distribution of regular project reports
• Coordinate and ensure that all necessary processes (internal and external) regarding the project are executed in time
• Supervise document control and ensure that all necessary data & information of the project is documented, evaluated and archived on a regular basis and the project evaluation is conducted after project completion
• Support with on-boarding of new project team members


• Demonstrated experience from working with large-scale projects, preferably in the real estate industry
• Experience from networking and stakeholder management within a complex environment
• Strong communication and coordination skills
• Good at working with numbers


To generate revenue and growth of new and current Meeting Places while also collaborating with IKEA Retail, the INGKA Group and external contractors with the goal of delivering the needs of customers and local communities within the locations they operate